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Aluminium Putty, Anti Corrosion

Brand: SOMAY-Q (4Kg)
Caution: This is a double liquid type product, common hardening agent J (blue) required. If rust appears on putty surface, remove floating rust completely. If painting directly on putty, after polishing, condition with #240 to #320 papers.

Product is
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Aluminum Tape

Furuto Industrial (Monf)
Heat-resistant temperature (120℃)
Base material thickness (0.05mm)
Tape thickness (0.09mm)
Tape width (50mm)

Product is
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Ammonium cerium(IV) sulfate dihydrate

Chemical formula: Ce(NH4)4(SO4)4 · 2H2O
CAS# 10378-47-9

Product is
Ammonium Choride

Brand: KOREA

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Anode Bag

Application: Electro-Plating
Note: Customer Drawing Required.

Product is
As per sample
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