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Compound-Gauge A

Brand: TOKO (Toyo Keiki Kogyo) or (Daiichi Keiki Seisakusho)
Common Compound-Gauge A Type Φ 75, Rainproof Type
Operating pressure range(MPa) [-0.1 - 0.1] [-0.1 - 0.4] [-0.1 - 1]
Connection thread: 3/8G(PF)

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Digital Fluid-Trac™

Digital Fluid-Trac™ drum level gauge is a cost competitive non-contact continuous liquid level drum gauge. It is designed for use on vertical drums (= 32″ depths) storing a wide variety of media such as water, waste water, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel. NOT intended for use with gasoline. For use with standard 55 gallon drums. Uses ultrasonic technology to generate a high-frequency sound wave and measures the time for the echo to reflect off the target fluid’s surface and return.

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Dispenser Plunger

Plunger Can
Capacity: 1-Qt & 1-Pt
Brand: USA Justrite

Product is
DrumQuik® PRO

DrumQuik® PRO is Closed dispensing solutions for extracting chemicals from drums containers, chemical handling applications. The coupler is made from food grade virgin polypropylene.

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Eye protection

Lens Thickness (mm) 1.5
Material (lens) Polycarbonate Clear
Material (frame) Vinyl
Standard ANSI standard product (Z87.1)
With air hole, anti-fog processing, UV cut

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